[Học ngữ pháp qua video] - Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn và Thì hiện tại đơn



Present simple VS Present continuous tense







Bài tập thực hành


Bài tập 1:


1.   Once a week, I ________ to an art class at the college.

a)  go

b)  am going


2.   I ________ to Toronto next Thursday. Do you want to come?

 a)  go

 b)  am going


3.   Salman is rich — he ________ a Mercedes.

 a)  drives

 b)  is driving


4.   You won't find Jerry at home right now. He ________ in the library.

  a)  studies

  b)  is studying


5.   Don't give Jan any cheese. She ________ it!

  a)  hates

  b)  is hating


6.   I ________ lunch in the cafeteria every day.

 a)  have

 b)   am having


7.   Marie-Claude isn't a Canadian. I ________ she comes from France.

 a)  believe

 b)   am believing


8.   Look! Junko ________ into the water.

  a)  jumps

  b)  is jumping


9.  I ________ you're crazy!

 a)  think

 b)  am thinking


10.  It ________ quite hard — perhaps we shouldn't go out tonight.

 a)  snows

 b)   is snowing


Bài tập 2:


Next week, my friends and I (go) camping in the woods. I (organize) the food, because I  (like) cooking. Dave (have) a big car with a trailer, so he (plan) the transportation. Sam  (bring) the tent — he (go) camping every year, so he (have) a great tent and lots of other equipment. My wife (think) we're crazy. She (like) holidays in comfortable hotels, so she (take) a trip to Paris instead.






Đáp án: BT1: 1-a. 2-b. 3-a. 4-b. 5-a. 6-a. 7-a. 8-b. 9-a.10-b. BT2: are going, am organizing, like, has, is planning, is bringing, goes, has, thinks, thinks, is taking