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Past Simple Tense





Bài học




Bài 1:
1.   bathe

  a)    bathhed

  b)    bathed

  c)    bathied


2.   play

  a)    plaied

  b)    playyed

  c)    played


3.   rely

  a)    relyed

  b)    rellyed

  c)     relied


4.   fail

  a)    failed

  b)    failled

  c)     failied


5.   permit

  a)    permitied

  b)    permitted

  c)    permited


6.   trap

  a)    traped

  b)    trapied

  c)    trapped


7.   depart

  a)    departted

  b)    departed

  c)    departied


8.   show

  a)    showied

  b)    showed

  c)    showwed


9.   share

  a)    sharied

  b)    shared

  c)    sharred


10.   marry

  a)    marryyed

  b)    married

  c)    marryed

Bài 3:
1.   fit

  a)    fat

  b)    fought

  c)    fit


2.   cut

  a)    caught

  b)    cut

  c)    cutted


3.   drink

  a)    drunk

  b)    drank

  c)    drink


4.   teach

  a)    teached

  b)    taught

  c)    teach


5.   find

  a)    fand

  b)    found

  c)    find


6.   catch

  a)    catched

  b)    caught

  c)    catch


7.   get

  a)    gought

  b)    get

  c)    got


8.   have

  a)    have

  b)    had

  c)    hove


9.   bring

  a)    bringed

  b)    brang

  c)    brought


10.   set

  a)    sat

  b)    set

  c)     soug



Bài 2:

       My grandfather had a very exciting life. When he was young, he (live) on a farm in the country. His parents (raise) cattle, and he (look) after the cows. When he was eighteen, he went to university, where he (study) Philosophy. He also (play) the trumpet in a jazz band. When the war started, he (try) to join the Air Force, but he (end) up in the Navy. In the Atlantic, a German torpedo (rip) a hole in the side of his ship, and the ship sank. Only five men (escape). They (sail) in a lifeboat back to England. Then he met my grandmother, and they (marry) after only three weeks. He says now that he (want) to marry her very quickly in case he (die) in the war.



Bài 4:

       Emily Carr, British Columbia's most famous artist, (be) born in 1871. Her parents (die) when she was still a teenager. She (study) art in San Francisco and Paris, but when she (come) back to Victoria, she (keep) a house called "The House of All Sorts", where she (be) the landlady. Many years later, she (begin) painting again. To find subjects for her paintings, she (take) trips into the forests of British Columbia, and she often (meet) with the First Nations people and (paint) them too. Emily Carr also (write) several books, and she (win) the Governor General's Award for one of them.








Đáp án:  Bài 1: 1-b. 2-c. 3-c. 4-a. 5-b. 6-c. 7-b. 8-b. 9-b. 10-b. Bài 2: lived, raised, looked, studied, played, tried, ended, ripped, escaped, sailed, married, wanted, died. Bài 3: 1-c. 2-b. 3-b. 4-b. 5-b. 6-b. 7-c. 8-b. 9-c. 10-b. Bài 4: was, died, studied, came, kept, was, began, took, met, painted, wrote, won.