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Present Perfect Simple tense



Bài học



Bài 1Choose the correct verb form for each sentence.


car        1.   My car ________ down again.

  a)   have broke

  b)   have broken

  c)   has broke

  d)   has broken


sailboat  2.   We ________ across the Pacific three times.

  a)   have sailed

  b)   have sail

  c)   has sailed

  d)   has sail


woman studying   3.   She ________ hard this semester.

  a)   have worked

  b)   have work

  c)   has worked

  d)   has work


bike      4.   I ________ since I left my house this morning.

  a)   have rode

  b)   have ridden

  c)   has rode

  d)   has ridden


eagle                5.    ________ an eagle?

  a)   Have you ever seen

  b)   Have you ever see

  c)   Has you ever seen

  d)   Has you ever see


snowboarder         6.    I ________ snowboarding.

  a)   have never try

  b)   have never tried

  c)   has never try

  d)   has never tried


video player               7.   Someone ________ my video player!

  a)   have stole

  b)   have stolen

  c)   has stole

  d)   has stolen


pizza        8.   She ________ three pieces of pizza already.

  a)   have ate

  b)   have eaten

  c)   has ate

  d)   has eaten


sports car       9.  They ________ a brand new sports car.

  a)   have just bought

  b)   have just buy

  c)   has just bought

  d)   has just buy


books       10.   The books ________ on that shelf for fifteen years.

  a)   have be

  b)   have been

  c)   has be

  d)   has been




Bài 2:   Change each sentence from the present simple to the present perfect. For example: "I play tennis." becomes "I have played tennis."



soup       1.   They ask for some soup.



can of soda pop         2.   We drink all the soda.
apple            3.   You eat my apple!

raccoon             4.   I see a raccoon.

pencil       5.   She borrows my pencil.

ship                6.   He travels on a ship.




Đáp án:  Bài 1: 1-c. 2-a. 3-d. 4-d. 5-a. 6-d. 7-b. 8-a. 9-b. 10-b. Bài 2: 1- She has borrowed my pencil. 2- You have eaten my apple. 3- We have drunk all the soda. 4- I have seen a raccoon. 5- They have asked for some soup. 6- He has travelled on a ship.